An Android ransomware disguised as an app used to track COVID-19

Posted on 17 Mar 2020 | By Alexandre Foisy | news, Security

In the past few weeks, hackers are trying to cash in on the fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in order to steal user data.

On Monday, the cybersecurity team at DomainTools sent a warning to all users that an Android app called “COVID-19 Tracker” was pretending to offer a tracker of the Coronavirus infection. Once installed, the application took the device hostage and a ransom was asked to release the device.

When downloaded, the app asks permission to access the unlock screen in order to “send an alert when an infected patient is near you”. The app then locks the user out, calls and demands a $100 bitcoin payment in exchange for unlocking the device. The app threatens to empty the device’s memory if the ransom is not paid.


Luckily, DomainTools has made public the password to unlock any infected devices: 4865083501

Google and Apple are monitoring all apps

In the last few days, both companies have published a communiqué that in order to minimize misinformation, only Coronavirus apps developed from recognized organizations will be available in their stores.


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