Office 365 Backup

Cloud data also needs a secure backup

Externalizing your data is now almost automatic, but why do so many businesses forget about their cloud data’s safety? Microsoft offers a wide range of productivity services; did you know that a secure Office 365 backup is not amongst them? Don’t just store and share your data; eliminate all data loss and corruption risks with a top-of-the-line Office 365 Backup.

Your cloud data also needs a secure cloud backup

Backup · Protect · Recover

4 daily encrypted backups to recover your Office 365 Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online and OneDrive, anytime and anywhere, unlimited data storage and a simple and intuitive web-based interface.

Office 365 Backup = protection+recovery

Office 365 Backup provides a flexible,easy-to-use solution for the protection, management and recovery of Office 365 data. It is protected, encrypted and made available through an intuitive, web-based interface. Users can quickly recover a file, a folder, or an entire backup quickly and easily in its original format.

Recover, anywhere, anytime

For a given account, use advanced search and browse features to locate backed-up files across all supported SaaS applications.

Security and Availability
Rest assured that backed-up data is safe and accessible 24/7—data is transmitted and stored in an encrypted format, resides in Canadian SAS 70-certified centers, and is firewall-protected.

In seconds, restore deleted users, and recover files and folders in their native formats, to their native location, and to their same or different owners.


Service is available through an Internet-connected device.
Users can restore a document, a folder, or all content without deleting or overwriting files.
4 Backups each day with Office 365 Backup
Needed files or folders can be identified, restored and downloaded immediately.
Data additions or changes are identified automatically and backed up without user intervention.
Phone and email support by experts technicians.
Office 365 Backup offer free storage, history and data recovery.
The data center is located in Canada.

Office 365 Backup Packages

Mailbox & Onedrive

$5 CAD / Month

user / month
(annual commitment)

Include backup for Mailbox & OneDrive.

Total Protection

$7 CAD / Month

user / month
(annual commitment)

Include Mailbox, OneDrive, Team and SharePoint backup