Protect your website with an SSL certificate


Do your customers send you critical data that needs to be protected? Do you accept credit card transactions on your website? A security certificate is required.

An SSL certificate protects you by encrypting the data between your visitors and your website. The security padlock visible in the web browser will also increase user confidence in your site.

The SSL certificate allows you to secure transmitted data with complete peace of mind.

* When purchasing an SSL certificate, we will integrate it into your website for free.

Our SSL packages

RapidSSL Basic

$30 CAD / year

Protects 1 domain
Simple validation
Standard Trust
Issued in 24 hours
Static seal for your site
Guaranteed up to C $ 10,000

RapidSSL Wildcard

$100 CAD / year

Protects multiple subdomains
Domain validation
Increased confidence
Issued in 1-2 days
Static seal for your site
Guaranteed up to C $ 10,000

GeoTrust Quick SSL

$80 CAD / year

Protects multiple subdomains
Domain validation
Increased confidence
Issued in 1-2 days
Dynamic seal for your site
Guaranteed up to C $ 100,000

Digicert SSL Plus

$180 CAD / year

Protects multiple subdomains
Company validation
Maximum confidence
Issued in 1-2 days
Dynamic seal for your site
Guaranteed up to C $ 1,000,000

* Other types of SSL are available on request!

SSL security, affordable and accessible to all

  • Professional installation by our experts
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Compatible with 99% + of browsers
  • 256-bit encryption in SHA-2 mode
  • Security padlock in browser
  • Security seal for your site
  • 24/7 assistance from our experts
  • Free reissue of certificate on request

SSL Questions and Answers

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a technology that encrypts the transmission of data over the Internet to prevent it from being intercepted and decoded. This is particularly important when sensitive information such as credit card numbers or passwords are entered on your website, as is often the case for e-commerce sites or password protected sections.

Sites secured by an SSL certificate display a security lock in the web browser and may display a security seal. If you sell items online, if you have password protected sections on your website, or if you host online forms requesting personal information, you are strongly encouraged to obtain an SSL certificate. Not only will your account security be improved, but you will increase the confidence of your visitors, which often results in higher conversion rates and higher sales.

EssentialSSL is an affordable certificate, which offers 256-bit encryption for a single domain (for example It is the most popular certificate and is recommended for sites that generate up to C $ 50,000 in revenue annually.

The WildCard SSL provides the same 256-bit encryption on an unlimited number of subdomains. It is a good solution for multilingual sites, multi-currency shops, or any other account using multiple sub-domains.

The SSL Extended Validation (EV) certificate is the most advanced and the only certificate to offer green bar technology, which changes the color of your web browser's address bar on secure pages, giving your visitors an additional level of insurance. The EV certificate also includes a dynamic seal, which displays the name and address of your company, as well as the period of validity of the certificate. If customer trust is crucial to your site, EV certificates are recommended.

If your account is already hosted at, our technicians will install your certificate on your account for free. Please note that all SSL certificates require a dedicated IP address (which can be ordered at the same time as your certificate for a small annual fee). Depending on the certificate you choose, you may be asked to provide proof of your identity or the identity of your business. These requests will be sent to you by e-mail after your order.

To use your SSL certificate, simply change your links (or URL) from "http" to "https". All https pages are encrypted with your SSL certificate. If you use a content management system (such as WordPress, or any e-commerce software), you will need to configure your software to use the installed SSL certificate. For assistance at this level, please simply contact our support team.