Hornetsecurity, a Spam Filtering and Malware Protection for Businesses

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Open your emails with confidence

Hornetsecurity’s filtering technology is unsurpassed, powered by artificial intelligence and perfected by experts to ensure exceptional accuracy and ease of use.

Just the protection you need, without a hitch

With Hornetsecurity’s proven features and comprehensive spam filtering mechanisms, your inbox remains free of annoying spam.

A robust, reliable solution

  • 99.9% guaranteed spam detection
  • 99.9% guaranteed virus detection
  • Less than 0.00015 false positives
  • Inbound and outbound filtering included

Precise analysis mechanisms and reliable filters

The majority of spam emails are rejected at the blocking stage. The remaining emails move on to active analysis, where the email stream is cleaned by a variety of filter rules. The quarantine allows the user to check individual emails for which the classification is unclear.

Phishing filter

Link tracking and other mechanisms effectively protect against phishing emails. Among other things, reloadable malicious script commands are detected. This enables, for example, the detection of dangerous drive-by downloads.

Infomail filter

Newsletters not classified as spam and other info emails that interrupt the workflow unnecessarily are filtered out and stored for later retrieval. They are listed in the individual quarantine report and can be delivered and allow listed by mouse click if required.

Link tracking

Incoming and outgoing emails are automatically scanned for malicious URLs.

Automatic virus signature update

The malware filters are constantly updated and are always up to date. Among other things, the company uses its own scanners, which are specialized in malware spread by emails.

Outbound filtering

Outgoing emails are checked for spam and viruses to prevent the customer from unintentionally sending or forwarding malware and spam emails.

Bounce management

Only genuine bounces reach the recipient in incoming mail traffic; bounces in response to spam with fake sender addresses are reliably filtered out.

Content filter for file attachments

Unwanted attachments can be rejected or moved to quarantine.

Dynamic virus outbreak detection

New and previously unknown viruses are stopped by the early warning system. Hornetsecurity permanently analyzes incoming emails on so-called honeypot accounts (email addresses whose sole purpose is to receive spam) for unusual attachments, links, senders or contents. The derivation of signatures from this is carried out within the shortest possible reaction time (usually <5 minutes).

Add Spam & Malware Protection by Hornetsecurity to your mailbox

Mailbox & Onedrive

$5 CAD / Month

user / month
(annual commitment)

Include backup for Mailbox & OneDrive.

Total Protection

$7 CAD / Month

user / month
(annual commitment)

Include Mailbox, OneDrive, Team and SharePoint backup