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Microsoft: Augmentation des tarifs de sa suite Office

Posted on 07 Sep 2021 | By Michel Bergeron | microsoft365, news, windows

Une première en 10 ans, Microsoft a annoncé qu'elle va augmenter les tarifs de sa suite de logiciel Office, selon un billet venant du blogue de l’entreprise.

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Windows malware can now infect Macs

Posted on 23 Jul 2021 | By Alexandre Foisy | MacOs, Computer, Security

A common form of malware on Windows systems has been changed to a new strain called "XLoader", which can also target Mac computers.

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Windows 11: The infamous “blue screen of death” goes black

Posted on 13 Jul 2021 | By Alexandre Foisy | Update, Computer, windows, windows 11

Microsoft's iconic blue screen of death will change to black in version 11 of the operating system.

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Techno24 in an interview with Stéphan Roy

Posted on 12 Jul 2021 | By Michel Bergeron | news,

Stéphan Roy chatted with Techo24’s President Michel Bergeron about his journey and the future of the company.

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Windows 10 is getting new File Explorer icons

Posted on 14 May 2021 | By Alexandre Foisy | news, windows

Microsoft is giving the File Explorer inside Windows 10 a visual overhaul with new icons.

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How to force a backup in WHM cPanel

Posted on 20 Apr 2021 | By Michel Bergeron | cpanel, hosting, ssh, whm

Many hosting providers set up the WHM cPanel backups in advance therefore allowing you to have a backup stored in case of a problem.

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Tutorial: How to add your own HTML signature in iOS

Posted on 05 Feb 2021 | By Alexandre Foisy | courriel, ios, ios14, tutoriel

Do you like that famous phrase: “Sent from my iPhone (or iPad)”? Me neither. Here are the steps to add a rich HTML signature to your emails in Mail.

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Tutorial: Modifying the default email app on your iPhone

Posted on 05 Feb 2021 | By Alexandre Foisy | courriel, ios, ios14, iphone, mail, tutoriel

The Mail app on iPhone allows you to receive all your emails, no matter the domain, in a single place.

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Presentation of the Canada World Youth website

Posted on 22 Jan 2021 | By Alexandre Foisy | Customer websites

This week, we have a special client spotlight to introduce. Canada World Youth is an international non-profit organization devoted to the empowerment of today’s young people.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!

Posted on 23 Dec 2020 | By Michel Bergeron | news

We thank you for your trust and loyalty which enrich us and hope that 2021 will be profitable.

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