Security Report – PCs are now more secure than MACs

Posted on 13 Feb 2020 | By Alexandre Foisy | news, Computer, Security

The popular belief since the era of Steve Jobs was that MACs were better protected against malware than PCs… Surprise! This is no longer the case!

A new security report published by the anti-virus company Malwarebytes, has debunked this theory. The report published last week explored the prevalence of malware across different operating systems, namely Windows and Apple OS. For the first time, the conclusion is that the MAC is more vulnerable than the PC.

In 2018, MACs averaged 4.8 attacks per machine, but in 2019, this number jumped to 11 attacks per machine! While PCs only faced an average of 5.8 attacks per machine.

According to Malwarebytes, security attacks towards MACs are, for the most part, adware and fake “cleaning” apps, such as MacKeeper and MacBooster.

In the last few years, Apple products have become increasingly popular thus catching the attention of more hackers, and therefore increasing the attacks to MACs, to the point of quashing the belief that MACs are more secure.


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