Top 5 mobile apps to optimize your business

Posted on 22 Jan 2020 | By Alexandre Foisy | news

Let’s start the new year off on the right foot! Techno24 shares its top 5 applications to optimise your company and your mobile device.

1. LastPass

LastPass app

LastPass is a paid password manager app that simplifies your online experience. LastPass creates strong passwords in just seconds!

Availability: iOS | Android

2. Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office

Microsoft’s Office Suite has become invaluable to small and medium businesses. It not only includes your favourite tools like Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, but a host of others developed by Microsoft. Get yourself an Office365 licence through Techno24, which will include all these indispensable applications. We’ll take care of everything and configure your new MS365 account.

Availability: iOS | Android

3. HelloSign

HelloSign app

HelloSign is an electronic signature app that allows you to get your contracts signed without either party leaving their office! It also allows for many signatories to sign in a specific order. Another bonus is that this app integrates well with Google!

Availability: iOS | Android

4. Momenteo

Momenteo app

Momenteo is a home-grown in Quebec app! It’s a free cloud-based accounting app that simplifies your invoicing, budgeting, tasks, etc. needs! Being cloud-based this app works seamlessly on your computer and your mobile devices!

Availability: Only available online from their website.

5. CamScanner

LastPass app

CamScanner transforms your telephone into a mobile scanner that digitizes any physical document and saves it to your phone. Thanks to OCR or Optical Character Recognition, this application makes the document editable!

Availability: iOS | Android

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