Microsoft 365: Multifactor Authentication in your work environment

Posted on 28 Sep 2020 | By Alexandre Foisy | microsoft365, Office365

Should you activate this function? Firstly, the multifactor or two-step authorization considerably reduces the risk of non-authorized access to your data. The security experts believe that this is better than a password alone.


Free and easy to set up: simply set up the account and activate the MFA to invite users to follow the supplemental verification steps.

Protects your identity: activation of the MFA raises the security level of being compromised to 99.9%.

Can be applied across applications: provide users a secure and transparent access for all their applications thanks to the unique authentication from anywhere and through all devices.

The MFA adds a second layer of protection to your Microsoft 365 accounts and all your services. This option is not activated by default. You must be connected to activate it or have it activated by your global 365 account administrator. Before activation, be sure to have one mobile device handy with the Microsoft Authenticator app installed.

How to activate the MFA:

Enter your user name and password, you will then receive a verification code. After entering the code, you’re all set to go.  

  1. Connect to Microsoft 365 as an administrator portail Microsoft 365
  2. In the admin area, go to Users >Active Users, select other and select configure multifactor authentication
  3. Select the user or users you wish to have this function applied to
  4. Select Activate in the quick steps on the right
  5. Select Activate Multifactor Authentication and it’s done.

The Microsoft Authenticator app is available from the app store for IOS and Google Play.


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