Tutorial: How to add your own HTML signature in iOS

Posted on 05 Feb 2021 | By Alexandre Foisy | courriel, ios, ios14, tutoriel

Do you like that famous phrase: “Sent from my iPhone (or iPad)”? Me neither. Here are the steps to add a rich HTML signature to your emails in Mail.

Integrating a rich HTML signature to Mail for iOS

  1. Send yourself an email from your computer or device that already has the rich HTML signature set up on it. It can be a blank email as long as it has your signature.
  2. Launch the Mail app from your Home screen.
  3. Tap the account your email was sent to.
  4. Tap the email to open it.
  5. Tap and hold the signature so that the selection tool appears.
  6. Tap Select All to highlight the entire signature.
  7. Tap Copy.
  8. Press the Home button (or swipe) to return to your Home Screen.
  9. Go to Settings from your Home screen.
  10. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  11. Tap Signature under the Mail section.
  12. Tap and hold the default signature so that the selection tool appears.
  13. Tap Select All to highlight the entre signature.
  14. Tap cut.
  15. Tap and hold the empty Signature field to bring up the selection tool.
  16. Tap Paste from the pop-up menu to insert your rich HTML signature. When you paste the copied signature iOS will automatically strip the formatting.
  17. Shake you iPhone or iPad to activate the Undo tool.
  18. Tap undo to remove any automatic formatting and bring back color and content from the original paste.

Your rich HTML signature will now appear at the bottom of emails sent from your iPhone or iPad.

For you visual folks, here’s a video to help you.


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