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How to force a backup in WHM cPanel

Posted on 20 Apr 2021 | By Michel Bergeron | cpanel, hosting, ssh, whm

Many hosting providers set up the WHM cPanel backups in advance therefore allowing you to have a backup stored in case of a problem.

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COVID 19 and your Website

Posted on 23 Mar 2020 | By Michel Bergeron | hosting, news

The Coronavirus crisis has created a major slowdown for many of our clients.

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How to empty your DNS cache

Posted on 13 Jan 2020 | By Michel Bergeron | hosting, news

Every time you enter a website address, your computer saves it, as well as every other site you visit, in the DNS cache. Your computer remembers everything since the beginning of time, well since the beginning of its time.

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Jean-Thomas Jobin’s website is hosted on servers at Techno24

Posted on 19 Aug 2016 | By Michel Bergeron | hosting

Jean-Thomas Jobin is touring with his third one-person show, “Apprendre à s’aimer” (“Learning tolove oneself”).

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