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An Android ransomware disguised as an app used to track COVID-19

Posted on 17 Mar 2020 | By Alexandre Foisy | news, Security

In the past few weeks, hackers are trying to cash in on the fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in order to steal user data.

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iDNS the scam that affects domain name owners

Posted on 06 Mar 2020 | By Michel Bergeron | news, Security

Each year, this conscientious company sends you a notice either by email or snail mail asking you to renew your domain name(s).

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Presenting the Web site of Groupe Aladin

Posted on 05 Mar 2020 | By Alexandre Foisy | Customer websites

This week, we are showcasing another client’s new website! Aladin Group, virtual magicians at ventilation and fabric cleaning!

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Security Report – PCs are now more secure than MACs

Posted on 13 Feb 2020 | By Alexandre Foisy | news, Computer, Security

The popular belief since the era of Steve Jobs was that MACs were better protected against malware than PCs… Surprise! This is no longer the case!

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Top 5 mobile apps to optimize your business

Posted on 22 Jan 2020 | By Alexandre Foisy | news

Let’s start the new year off on the right foot! Techno24 shares its top 5 applications to optimise your company and your mobile device.

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Presentation of the YogaSantéPlus School website

Posted on 19 Jan 2020 | By Alexandre Foisy | Customer websites

This week, we are featuring Antonella Morun and her website School for Yoga Health Plus.

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How to empty your DNS cache

Posted on 13 Jan 2020 | By Michel Bergeron | hosting, news

Every time you enter a website address, your computer saves it, as well as every other site you visit, in the DNS cache. Your computer remembers everything since the beginning of time, well since the beginning of its time.

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Rosemont Family Osteopathy Clinic

Posted on 08 Jan 2020 | By Alexandre Foisy | Customer websites

This week’s spotlight is on a client has been with us for a while, but as her website has been updated, let’s explore Louise Dupré, osteopath.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

Posted on 24 Dec 2019 | By Alexandre Foisy | news, team wishes you a happy New Year. We also take a few minutes to thank you for your trust and your loyalty which enrich us.

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Our clients: Efty Design

Posted on 24 Dec 2019 | By Michel Bergeron | news, Customer websites

New for 2020! A section devoted to showcasing each of our new clients. Let’s start the ball rolling wtih Efty Design!

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